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What is Stick Online?
From stick-online.com: "Stick Online is an action oriented MMO platformer that takes place in a seamless 2D world, filled with different areas, monsters, and player experiences. You are a Stickman on a mission to reach the top of the food chain, gaining powerful weapons and hats along the way. Battle it out with other players in PvP mode using your skill and tactics. As you level up, you gain stat points which you can spend in one of four stats (Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Intelligence)."

Stick Online was popular among members of the Game Maker Community in the mid to late 2000s. The official server was shut down long ago, and there is no source code available.
What is LocalSO?
LocalSO is an alternative server for Stick Online written in Python. It is compatible with the original unmodified Stick Online client. The source code for the server is available on GitHub.

The project aims to faithfully recreate the original Stick Online experience. All original game features are supported.
Why do I have to uninstall LocalSO to connect to stick-online.com?
StickOnline.exe connects to www.stick-online.com to download updates and announcements when it starts. To play LocalSO, StickOnline.exe needs to connect to the LocalSO server instead of www.stick-online.com.

When you install LocalSO, it configures your computer's Hosts file to redirect www.stick-online.com to the LocalSO server. This allows you to play LocalSO with an unmodified StickOnline.exe.

This has the side effect of redirecting your web browser to the LocalSO server when you try to visit www.stick-online.com. Therefore you must run LocalSO-uninstall.exe to undo the redirection and restore access to access www.stick-online.com.
Why does LocalSO need to edit my Hosts file?
LocalSO uses the original unmodified 0.0227 Stick Online client. The client can not be modified easily and there is no source code available. Editing the Hosts file is the simplest option for connecting to the LocalSO server.
Why build a private server for Stick Online?
The purpose of this project is to preserve Stick Online for all of its past players and fans. For many people, Stick Online is a very nostalgic game. Since the official server was shut down, LocalSO is the only way to play Stick Online today.
Where can I find source code for the LocalSO server?
The LocalSO server source code is available on GitHub. If you wish to run your own server, all you need is Python 2.7.4 or later (2.7.14 recommended). If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to open a GitHub issue or pull request.
How do I fix "Unable to load Resources.sor"?
Try running StickOnline.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Also try running as administrator.
How do I fix "Error: Cannot read the game file"?
Try running StickOnline.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Also try running as administrator and assigning a default printer if you have not already assigned one.
How do I fix "Failed to connect to server (check website for server status)"?
If you did not run LocalSO-setup.exe, close the game and run the setup. If you ran the setup and it is still not working, check the server status on this website. If the server is offline or not working, please post in the Discord server.