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LocalSO requires a Windows PC and an internet connection.
1. Unzip all files contained in LocalSO.zip.
2. Run LocalSO-setup.exe. The installer will modify your hosts file to allow StickOnline.exe to connect to the LocalSO server. If you prefer, you can edit your hosts file manually.
3. Run StickOnline.exe.
See the FAQ page for common issues and solutions.
Open Source Server
The purpose of this project is to preserve Stick Online for all of its past players and fans. The official server was shut down long ago, and there is no source code available. For this reason, the LocalSO server is open source.
The LocalSO server source code is available on GitHub. If you wish to run your own server, all you need is Python 2.7.4 or later (2.7.14 recommended). If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to open a GitHub issue or pull request.